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The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea was inhabited by the SICULI even before the Greeks arrived on the Sicilian coast in 734 BC. Taormina was born around 358 BC and was known as Tauromenion by GREEK. The town became a typical Greek colony including an impressive amphitheatre.

The town came under ROMAN domination around 212 BC. During this time the area became a popular resort for consuls and politicians who built many luxurious villas. When the Roman empire came to an end, Taormina became the capital of the BYZANTINE Sicily. This was a period of grandeur but it suddenly ended in 902 AD when the city was conquered by ARABS and was renamed Almoezia.  it was a good period of progress for the city. The Arabs occupied Taormina from the 9th to 11th century.

In 1078 the NORMANS, took over the area and restored the Christian religion. Many monasteries were built during this period and the city took back its original name Taormina. After the fall of the Normans Taormina followed the history of Sicily under the ANGEVINS and then the Crown of Aragon and the ARAGONENSES. Next came the SPANISH who did very little in the way of improving the area. In 1711 the Spanish domination ceased and the town came under SAVOY control. Starting from the 19th century Taormina became a popular tourist resort in the whole of Europe: people who visited Taormina include Oscar Wilde  Nicholas I of Russia, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Nietzsche (who here wrote his Also sprach Zarathustra) Richard Wagner Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Otto Geleng and many others.
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